Welcome to our New Meet-Us Space!

The purpose of this new web service is to let our members create and/or join an event or meeting.

In regard of the sanitary situation in most countries since a couple of years, many will prefer to have a virtual meetings no matter the purpose.

Membership is FREE and registration is mandatory using a valid email address.
(Please check our Community Guidelines before registering.)

After registering, any member can organize a meeting for a small fee*, unlimited events can be created in a period of 1, 3 or 12 months. Those events can have a maximum of 10 participants including the organizer.

Up to the organizers to ask for a small contribution from the participants to cover their small fees if needed. This contribution amount will be indicated by the organizer in the event’s description, to avoid any surprises during the meeting.

Virtual meetings can be done using any available free tool, like Teams, Zoom, Slack, Meet, Skype, etc…

If you need a physical location for your meetings, it will be up to you to find one and put its address for attendants to join including access details.

We, at Meet-Us, do not compete with any other similar services or websites as our subscriptions plans and formulas will serve different needs.

This is just a start and if all goes well, we will extend the number of participants to more than 10 in the future.
For now, if you need to have more than 10 participants, please contact us using the link at the bottom.

Please check our Memberships Levels once registered and do not hesitate to send us your ideas and improvements messages by using the Contact-Us link.

Thank you for your visit.

* All our prices are in CAD (Canadian Dollars) since our company is located in Canada, check the daily currency rates for comparison.

NB: We would like to extend the site to other languages than English and French, if you think you can help with the translation, kindly contact us, thank you.